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Citizen Savvy explores the intersection of technology, design and culture. Unlike specialty websites that focus on a single category and pressured to post several times per day, we take a more pragmatic approach to content. A few posts per week, we want to focus on quality not quantity. Read more about our approach here.

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Good BiPhone

The break up was not bitter, we parted as friends. I needed to move on to be understood, where my needs were fulfilled on a deeper level, to an understanding of who I am. So after almost 6 years together I left my iPhone for... Read more →

Oculus Rift: Has virtual reality arrived?

It’s the stuff of movies and childhood imagination, being transported to a virtual world. Whether the experience is a total or a partial immersion is the difference between virtual reality and augmented reality. In an augmented reality real life mixes with created elements. The best... Read more →

App: No Wait

I have a friend who tries to drop names when we go to a busy restaurant that doesn’t take reservations in hopes of getting us seated right away. Unfortunately, he drops the name of one of the nobodies in our group. Although they seldom come... Read more →

The Citizen Savvy Reboot Project

I came up with the concept of Citizen Savvy back in 2009. The original vision was to apply a specific voice and brand to my technology advice that was an extension of my personal website and Twitter account. It later evolved exclusively into a newsletter outlet... Read more →