App: Word Flow

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If you like the swiping-between-letters keyboard typing option from a Windows Phone (if you’ve ever seen one of those) or more commonly on an Android device you now have options for your iPhone. Microsoft has released Word Flow, its Windows Phone keyboard version for iPhone. It installs easily and you can switch back and forth to the standard keyboard anytime, … Read More

The Stream Scene

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Streamng Apps

Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Tidal. Chances are you are using at least one of these streaming music services; well maybe not Tidal. Does it make sense to own music anymore? Is it better to lease or buy music? When the iPod first came onto the scene in late 2001, the way of the world when it came to music was … Read More

Introducing the Savvy Seven

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At Citizen Savvy, we want to provide easy ways to stay informed. To make it as easy as possible, we’re creating a newsletter called the Savvy Seven. Once subscribed, you will receive a periodic email that includes a mix of original content and the best of what we’re reading from around the web. As the name implies, there will be … Read More