The Citizen Savvy Approach

While our goal is to inform and be useful if not downright pragmatic, we also want to have some fun along the way. That’s why you will see some not so typical methods and styles employed across each of the mediums that we use here at Citizen Savvy. We’re not a corporate press blog nor strictly a technology review site. We have a point a view and we will share our candid opinions and thoughts in what we hope is entertaining and fun for our readers and listeners (and maybe watchers). We’re not defining savvy, we’re exploring it — always curious and always learning.

One example of where we want to march to a different beat is the area of photography. We will explore photography is many different ways here at Citizen Savvy. We all have amazing cameras in our hands at nearly all times through our mobile phones. Sharing experiences through our photos is the new normal which is why Instagram is the fastest growing social sharing app on the planet and will continue to be for some time. Both Glenn and Michael have a passion for photography that will be explored and dissected along the way. Our approach to imagery and photography is quite simple: We will not use any stock photos on any of our story-telling. Not here, not in social channels, not anywhere Citizen Savvy participates. A later post will explore the details here, but suffice it to say is that we are against the use of stock photography. All images will have been taken by the writers themselves. From time to time, we might use screenshots, logos and app icons, but all photography will be our own. The homepage will have a random photo posted nearly every day — so check back with us often to see what we’re up to here.


Michael Puhala

(as written by Glenn Tysvaer)

As a veteran of the technology space, Michael has worked for several tech companies over the years that has seen him based in San Francisco, New York, Phoenix, Boston, London & Paris and has traveled the world extensively in his various roles.

His exceptional style and design aesthetic find its outlet in all areas of technology as well as writing, photography, coffee and various other areas of creativity. But one of his greatest attributes is being the guy who is always willing to help others solve problems and find solutions to their technology questions and problems whether computer, web design and integration or home automation.

Citizen Savvy is the perfect outlet for Michael to extol the best of the latest technology and share his perspective on style & design and introduce all sorts of cool stuff you are going to find interesting (and will probably want) as well as compelling ideas, people, books and experiences.

On a personal note, Michael has a beautiful family that is the pride and joy of his existence and I consider him a great friend and perhaps most notably, his barista skills have raised my standard for an acceptable macchiato to an astronomical level.

Glenn Tysvaer

(as written by Micheal Puhala)

Glenn is an all-rounder. Not only does he have a keen sense of curiosity and exploration, he has an uncanny understanding of the way the world works. Combine those traits with Glenn’s passion for travel, adventure and design and he makes for the perfect partner in Citizen Savvy.

I’ve known Glenn for several years and he’s constantly been a sounding board and a go-to resource for me in many areas of life. If I bring the technical clarity to Citizen Savvy, Glenn brings a cultural savvy and pragmatic application to this endeavor.

Glenn has an MBA from Thunderbird International and on the professional side, he’s been successful in commercial development and residential real estate. Glenn is well traveled, well respected by his peers and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.