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The break up was not bitter, we parted as friends. I needed to move on to be understood, where my needs were fulfilled on a deeper level, to an understanding of who I am. So after almost 6 years together I left my iPhone for the Google Pixel.

Overall, I was happy with my iPhone though my last one had been glictchy from the start which ranged from inconvenient to downright annoying, although it was not enough to abandon it, especially given my contract. I didn’t even hate the new iOS though almost everyone I talked to volunteered their disdain for it unsolicited (except for the ones living in denial saying they were not ever going to upgrade, good luck with that!). For me, I guess I knew I was moving on anyway so I didn’t dwell on it one way or the other.

But this is not why I left the iPhone, it is more of why I moved to the Pixel. If you told me I had no choice but to stick with the iPhone I would be content. But the Pixel makes me very happy.

So why switch? I use a lot of Google products and they do integrate a bit smoother on an Android device. Also, I like the ability to better customize my experience, perhaps it harkens back to my PC days where the user tends to have more flexibility (albeit in a less elegant package than on a Mac). But the main reason I switched was to change my provider to Google Fi which offers flexibility in their plan, no contract and most importantly it is significantly less expensive then the plan I had. Since Fi has very few handsets to choose from my options were limited but thankfully the Pixel was one of them. So ultimately I switched because of the combination of a cheaper plan, a great new device and moving to the Android platform .

So how has the process been?

INITIAL REACTION: I liked it out of the box. It seems a little thinner than my iPhone 5s but it is actually the same thickness. The bevels and rounding make it feel thinner.

CARRIER SETUP: Since I was changing platform and provider on my own I was anticipating some hassle. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to transfer my number, backup photo and data, get my contacts transferred and getting up and running. Google provided easy step by step directions to walk me through the process and integrated with my Google account as easy as you would expect.

One thing to note coming from an iPhone; switch off messages and FaceTime before you start. Some people have had issues with texts getting stuck on the iPhone for a period of time, causing some users to not be able to receive text for a period of time. I switched these off on my iPhone before I turned on the new phone and it transitioned without problem. Once I transferred the number it only took a few minutes to have my number active on the new phone though they said it could be a couple business days.

APPS: Many of my apps were put on the Google Play screen where I could select, download and install them without having to search for them in the store. Others did not appear and I had to go find those.

SETTING UP THE EXPERIENCE: This was the most challenging part of the process that took some patience and learning to set up. If you want to just go with what is there when you turn it on it works perfectly fine. But customization is more difficult, partly because, in my case, I had to familiarize myself with the Android ecosystem which has a lot more options than Apple’s. There are also a lot of third party vendors that offer some great widgets and experiences that Apple really doesn’t such as background themes, weather, clock and calendar apps as well as a lot of customization of individual features.

Apple is a trade-off. They give you relatively few options in setting up your experience in return for providing a clean and easy interface that gets you up and running quickly and makes it generally simple to find and make changes. Most of the time the trade off was worth it for me, but now I really like setting up my own experience even at the price of more front-end effort.

In the last couple days I have spent more time customizing and setting up this device than in all the years I had my iPhone combined. And although that sounds like a problem I am very happy with the results and the payoff is worth it. If it wasn’t, I could leave it ‘as-is’ out of the box and it would be fine.

CONCLUSION:I’m still not fully dialed in but so far I love the device and the experience more and more everyday. Everything is faster, clearer and better suited for what I need and want my device to do.

So if you are happy with your iPhone and want to stick with it you won’t get an argument from me, it’s a great device. But if you are considering changing, don’t fear the process IT’S WORTH IT!


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