Pump Up The Volume on your Mobile Phone Pics!

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For many, their primary camera is their mobile phone. It would reason that we should also have a keen understanding of the phone’s camera functions. I’m not here to tell you that you should step out of your camera’s auto mode and get into the minutia of manual controls. While those areas are good to experiment with and can quite possibly improve your photography skills, I have a much more simple tip in mind: Use your phone’s volume control (up or down) to take the picture rather than the touch screen.

This is a nearly universal camera phone function, and yet surprisingly most people do not even know that it exists. Having just come off of a vacation, I noticed time and time again people using two hands to take a simple picture. One hand to hold the phone and the other to the the screen to take the picture.

Another trick to take a picture rather easily? you can also use the “pause/play” button on a pair of wired headphones to trigger the camera and take a picture. Sometimes, this can also come in handy.