Why Apple Axed the Headphone Jack on the iPhone 7

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Apple calls it courage. I call it greed.

Today, Apple announced the iPhone 7 to the world. Lots of innovation was paraded in front of an eager audience waiting for the next best thing to come from Cupertino. Certainly the most controversial announcement was that the new iPhone 7 will not include what every cell phone has on the planet: a standard headphone jack.

Now, before you pass judgement that this is just another Apple rant from an avid Android user, hear me out on why I believe is the primary reason Apple chose ‘courage’ over consumer choice. Apple likes proprietary connectors of any kind in the name of innovation. That choice pays big dividends to Apple in the form of Apple users buying Apple accessories. Sure, Apple announced companies like JBL that make headphones specifically for the lightning connector, but make no mistake — this was a smoke screen. By creating a proprietary connector for a wired headphone set, this single move will make Apple millions and millions of dollars in the form dongles/converters, proprietary headsets that use the lightning connection, and towards more sales of their wireless Air Pods. Millions.

You can decide if this move is unfair to consumers or not. If you are an Apple investor, you might consider this move absolutely brilliant. If you are an iPhone user, perhaps not so much.

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