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I have a friend who tries to drop names when we go to a busy restaurant that doesn’t take reservations in hopes of getting us seated right away. Unfortunately, he drops the name of one of the nobodies in our group. Although they seldom come right out and say they don’t know who that is, after repeating it three times the blank, confused look on their face betrays what they are thinking (and we already know), we’ll be waiting for a while.

No Wait gets you on the waiting list of restaurants that don’t take reservations. It’s that friend that few of us have that shows up ½ hour early to make sure the rest of us don’t have to wait so long.

Since it is not yet broadly adopted among restaurants, though new ones are constantly being added, it may not have all of the places you go but it is worth a quick check on your way out the door. Once it becomes more common with restaurants and diners it will of course give you more choices while still being a convenient wait time saver even if a lot of people are using it.

So until my friends become famous I’ll stick with No Wait. It won’t be in the top 5 apps you use on a regular basis but it’s free and worth the little bit of screen real estate it occupies.


Michael’s Take

I’ve been using this app for a couple of months and it has come quite handy. A couple of observations: Various restaurants seem to be experimenting with it and some don’t keep it on all of the time. Also, there is a geo-location feature that stipulates that you must be within 10 miles before getting placed in line.

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