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I came up with the concept of Citizen Savvy back in 2009. The original vision was to apply a specific voice and brand to my technology advice that was an extension of my personal website and Twitter account. It later evolved exclusively into a newsletter outlet that produced 28 newsletters across a two year period (circa 2012 thru 2014).

It was always a ‘casual’ effort at best to capture a broad array of technology topics that I felt were important for my friends and acquaintances. As it went somewhat dormant for lots of reasons, I kept hearing from many subscribers that they enjoyed the content and were interested in it continuing.

Glenn is the perfect addition to Citizen Savvy.Michael Puhala
As a solo effort, it was always going to be sporadic at best. I have a demanding full-time job that requires global travel frequently. One of my goals in 2016 was to put more intention around creative pursuits. I’ve wanted to resurrect Citizen Savvy, but not until I had a firm mission and not until I could apply the appropriate focus and attention to relaunch it. Not only did it require additional focus, but also additional talent and perspective. Enter in Glenn Tysvaer. Glenn is the perfect addition to Citizen Savvy. He has often been a sounding board for me around my creative pursuits and he always gave very good critical feedback around the content of Citizen Savvy previously. He adds a depth of perspective, pragmatic understanding, and quite a keen eye on cultural savvy that will help to broaden the reach of Citizen Savvy. We both have full time gigs apart from this endeavor but we both share in our passion for creative pursuit and helping others.

The new and improved Citizen Savvy will still have great technical advice that looks to appeal to a broad audience. But it will also include a lot more then just technical advice. Glenn and I have often spoke about the blend of culture, technology and design. Those three words really encapsulate the core of what Citizen Savvy is about. Our approach is simple: Discovery, inspiration and curiosity is our ultimate mission. We hope you will join us on our journey!

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