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If you like the swiping-between-letters keyboard typing option from a Windows Phone (if you’ve ever seen one of those) or more commonly on an Android device you now have options for your iPhone. Microsoft has released Word Flow, its Windows Phone keyboard version for iPhone. It installs easily and you can switch back and forth to the standard keyboard anytime, but I don’t think you will. It has traditional tap typing but additional great features.

First, is the ability to drag your finger to spell words and with auto complete you don’t have to finish it. You also don’t have to tap the space bar because when you pick up and put your finger on a letter to start the next word it automatically adds the space.

Further, with a swipe on the corner of the keyboard you multi-taskers can tilt the keys at an angle for one-handed typing or dragging. The background can be customized with themes or your own photos for a personalized look. It’s free and easy to install. I would have gladly paid $5 (maybe even $10) for this keyboard but let’s not tell Microsoft.


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